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House of Grace

Please help bless our boys at the House of Grace community center in Haiti ( with some much-needed items. Donations can be dropped off in the bin near Next Steps. For more information, contact Eli & Becky Brotzman at Eli will be traveling to Haiti in January with a team led by Wilky Clark.


* Peanut butter

* Reusable water bottles for the boys to take to school

* Black dress shoes (They wear very fancy shoes to school, the kind that can be polished and have a pointy toe. Please, no suede or microfiber. The boys are 4-14 years old.)

* Belts with sliding buckle

* Backpacks

* Notebooks and composition books

* Sewing kits

* Wash cloths (the kind that are knitted or crocheted for washing dishes, scrubbing tables, etc.)

* Soccer balls

* Chalk

* Summer clothing for boys ages 4-14 (very good condition or better)

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