Sunday Services at 9 & 10:30 a.m. at the Holiday Inn Conference Center

Do you believe Jesus loves everyone? Of Course! Here’s a more important question. Do you believe Jesus loves you? I want to spend our entire “CRAZY” series, offering profound proof that Jesus is crazy about you. Here’s the process: Each day read one chapter of my book, I AM Crazy! From cover to cover it’s all about Jesus, the great “I AM, who He is to you and what He longs to do for you! Next, engage with one of our “CRAZY’ small groups to interact with others who want to get crazy about Jesus. Then be present every weekend to hear the messages: “Jesus Is Crazy About Loving You;” “Jesus Is Crazy About Your Peace;” “Jesus Is Crazy About Your Joy;” “Jesus Is Crazy About Your Compassion;” “Jesus Is Crazy About Your Gratitude”. Then we have two huge bonus weekends: former atheist and L.A.P.D. cold case detective, J. Warner Wallace, presenting “Jesus Is Crazy About Your Certainty” and Ray McElroy, former Chicago Bear, along with his wife, Michelle, presenting, “Jesus Is Crazy About Your Relationships.” Don’t miss a day, a week or a weekend! You gotta get “CRAZY!”   
– Dr. David Clark, Lead Pastor

Central Christian Church Janesville • Janesville Conference Center at the Holiday Inn Express • 3100 Wellington Drive • Janesville, WI • 608.371.9731