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Central Moms

6 to 8 PM at Central Christian Church Janesville

Central Moms is a community for mothers of their first baby on the way all the way through school-aged kids (our combined MOPS and MOMSnext group, for those who know those acronyms). If you know a mom that needs the kind of community this group has blessed you with, please invite her to come!


September 11 - "Say Yes," by Mandy Arioto

October 2 - "Mother From Your Worth," by Tori Hein

November 6 - "Shaping Attitudes About Money," by Rachel Cruze

December 4 - "Christmas: A Season of Delight," by Sherri Crandall

January 8 - "Celebrating Diversity and Kinship," by Amber O'Neal Johnston

February 5 - "The Power of Naming," by Jess Connolly

March 4 - "Soul Care," by Bonnie Gray

April 1 - "Good Self Talk," by Jess Connolly

May 6 - "How to Be a Good Parent," by Karrie Garcia

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